New Leica M10 firmware beta testers wanted


New Leica M10 firmware beta testers wanted

Leica will soon release a new firmware update for the M10 camera with improved memory cards compatibility. While internal testing is already completed, Leica has contacted the Leica Forum for some additional testing by users in order to cover a wide range of SD memory cards.

The software has already solved internal tests – but these tests can’t cover all SD cards which are available in the market and used in the field. Even SD card with identical specifications may have small technical differences in different production batches.

Thus Leica has asked the Leica Forum to conduct a beta field test by Leica M10 photographers – which is why we are now looking for 40 testers.

Only requirement is a Leica M10 – as Leica does not provide test cameras

Much appreciated is a range of current SD card in order to test them with the new firmware.

Please send us a message to until Thursday evening with this information:

  • Fullname
  • Forum username

SD cards you are using, and if you experienced any problems with the