Pixel Peeper view the settings applied by Lightroom


view the settings applied by Lightroom


Most photographers are interested in how other people edit their photos to achieve a certain look. Many Photographers also look at an image and want to view the settings applied by Lightroom.

Pixel Peeper is a new website that can take a JPEG and tell you exactly how it was edited in Lightroom, along with the camera model, lens, and settings.

As long as that info is found in the file’s EXIF data!

You may already know that JPEG files also contain textual information that is embedded as EXIF data. Unless stripped from the file, many JPEG images contain information such as the data and time of the photograph. Also the camera settings, model, and lens, copyright information, and others.
What you may not have already known is that Lightroom embeds information about all of the edits made to an image. Unless you choose “Remove All Metadata” when exporting a JPEG. This uses a similar format to EXIF called XMP.
This information is just sitting in the file waiting to be read, and that is where Pixel Peeper comes in. This app created by developer Piotr Chmolowski takes an image and spits out the Lightroom settings used to edit it, along with the normal EXIF data about camera model etc.

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